Who do you call when you have an issue to report regarding an animal? For day-to-day domestic animal problems, such as stray dogs, a bat in your house, or an injured animal on your property, call your local Animal Control Officer or your local Police Department. If you have a family of raccoons living in your attic, or a mouse infestation, call your local Pest Control.

However, if you know of an abused or neglected animal, do not hesitate to call the NJSPCA hotline. Besides the obvious cruelty cases, abuse and neglect can take many shapes and forms. If your neighbor keeps his dog outside for an extended length of time with no food, water, or dog house; or your friend has a sick animal that has not been taken to the vet, this is also considered animal cruelty; or a nearby farm has a horse whose ribs and hip bones are grotesquely visible; this is all considered animal cruelty.

The NJSPCA will always investigate any complaint of abuse or neglect for any animal. Since we are an organization of Humane Law Enforcement Officers, we are equipped to take legal action against animal cruelty offenders.