Investigator Deutsch rescues 28 animals

During the career of each and every humane law enforcement officer, one or more memorable investigations stand out as an example of not only the officer’s dedication to detail but also their successful investigative ethics and adjudication outcomes.

 Recently one such NJSPCA officer, Investigator Lisa Deutsch, excelled in her duties in her pursuit of efforts to protect and serve animals while resolving a decades old dilemma which  has never seen the type of resolution recently accomplished by Investigator Deutsch of Zone B.

 As a result of both domesticated and farm animals not receiving needed sustenance including veterinary care resulting in untimely deaths at the Wagon Wheel Ranch in Oak Ridge, New Jersey, Investigator Deutsch conducted her investigation, worked with other agencies, attempted to successfully negotiate with the property owner and took precise Title 4 legal action to issue summonses, prosecute the offender and remove the animals to various safe locations for proper care and veterinary treatment.

 During a pre-trial conference and agreement, Investigator Deutsch’s recommendation for a successful resolution in the best interest of the animals and all involved was welcomed and supported by the Jefferson Township Municipal Court and Prosecutor James LaSala, resulting in a seeming Alford Plea where the offender was found guilty without publicly admitting her guilt.  During the trial held in Jefferson Township Municipal Court, a number of successful efforts were instituted in the best interests of the animals found to be at risk.  The animals were seized and moved to safety, restitution was assessed, an animal ban was ordered and both the NJSPCA and local animal control officers were afforded the ability to conduct random compliance checks at the Wagon Wheel Ranch location.  The defendant, identified as Florence Gantzhorn, was allowed to keep her three small dogs which will also be subject to random health and welfare inspections.  Should the defendant be found with any animals in excess of the three dogs, they will be subject to immediate seizure and the defendant will face possible contempt charges.

 During the court ordered seizure of the animals which was successfully orchestrated by Investigator Deutsch and a host of volunteers recruited by her, the defendant was arrested and taken into custody on an outstanding bench warrant and for her part in hindering the removal of the animals.  In summary, Investigator Deutsch successfully completed her goal in removing and relocating the animals while protecting and serving them, which is the primary purpose of the NJSPCA. 

 I’m proud to have Investigator Deutsch in Zone B.  Congratulations to her on a job well done!


 Lt. J. Dixon, Badge #5

 Zone B Commander