March 20, 2011 On March 20. 2011 at 12:30 hours, Investigator Michele Grafje responded to 250 Devon Street Kearny, NJ on a complaint that 2 dogs are living in a make shift shelter that has no light and never out unless hunting. The dog’s owner a Mr. Manuel A. Fonseca showed Investigator Grafje the 2 dogs cramped in a home made from wooden crates that had a chain locked gate with a partition wall between the 2 dogs. It was under the porch and behind a locked fence. I asked if this is were he keeps the dogs all the time and his response was “yes all day and night”. That being said, 4 summonses were issued. On March 31, 2011 in the Kearny Municipal Court, Mr. Manuel A. Fonseca pled guilty to 4 counts of animal cruelty. Judge Norman Doyle fined Mr. Manuel A. Fonseca $1000.00 plus court costs and restitution. The two dogs were given to the Bergen County Animal Shelter for adoption.