August 9 ,2010

During the month of August of 2010, Officer Glen Kassis of the NJSPCA was assigned to investigate a Hoarding case in the town of Weehawken NJ. During the course of his investigation he found that MS Joanne Gatewood was living among numerous cats in deplorable conditions that included mounds of feces that were 10 inches deep in some parts of the dwelling.  

The Associated Humane Societies removed the 17 cats and MS Joanne Gatewood of Weehawken NJ was charge with multiple count of animal cruelty. On November 30, 2010 in the Weehawken Township Court Ms. Joanne Gatewood pleaded guilty to 12 civil counts of failing to provide proper shelter. $3,000 was collected in fines and $324.20 was collected in expenses also secured a lifetime ban on animal ownership.