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Crystal Shannon, Canadian artist (http://cshannon.ca)  has donated to the NJSPCA a pencil portrait of Patrick.  Where the original drawing will eventually be placed is being discussed between Crystal and NJSPCA President Richard Yocum.  Crystal’s hope was that her drawing would benefit abused and neglected animals.  The NJSPCA is creating an animal welfare fund in honor of Patrick that will be used to help animals from our abuse and neglect cruelty cases.  Starting today we are offering laser print copies of the portrait 12″ X 18″ printed on gloss poster stock for $25.00 available online. The drawing is an amazing image of Patrick that we all have had in our minds and hearts for weeks.
100% of all proceeds will benefit the animals who are most in need of your help.
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Photo by NJSPCA Photo by NJSPCA


On Friday, March 25, 2011, the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NJSPCA) filed four counts of animal cruelty against Kisha Curtis, 28, in the case of the one year old pit bull found starved and near death inside a garbage chute of an apartment building in Newark, New Jersey.  Ms. Curtis was the owner of the one year old pit bull.

Kisha Curtis, 28, was charged with two counts of abandonment, and two counts of failure to provide proper sustenance (food, water, vet care) to the living creature.  Two counts are criminal and two counts are civil.  The criminal charges could result in up to six months in jail, and/or $1,000 fine, and/or community service per count if convicted.

The pit bull was discovered March 16 by maintenance workers inside a garbage chute at the Garden Spires apartment building – a 550-unit complex in Newark located at 195 First Street.

When the dog was discovered, he was immediately taken to Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls, N.J., by Associated Humane Society, where he was given a blood transfusion, provided with much needed fluids, and covered with heating blankets in an effort to bring up his temperature. 

Veterinarians caring for the dog estimated he would have died within hours if he hadn’t received medial treatment.  The dog has been named “Patrick” because he made it through the night and into St. Patrick’s Day.

At this point Ms. Curtis is denying that she disposed on the pit bull into the garbage chute.  However, Ms. Curtis has admitted to failing to provide proper sustenance and abandonment, and that is why she was been charged accordingly.

Our investigation into this crime is ongoing and will continue.